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It’s Time To Share (And Why You Should Share Too)

Time goes by so quickly.. I blinked and suddenly I am 34. And, after nearly 15 years working in the retail world, I found myself as a stay at home mom to my beautiful son, Clark, and a caregiver to my elderly father. I always felt too busy to write down my thoughts, special moments, or some important tidbit, but I want that to change. So here I am! Finally ready to put it out there, however minuscule it may be. We are all important, we all have feelings, we all have a story to tell and Sparrows & Arrows is mine…

So, what is your story? What tiny moment do you want to remember years from now? Having a toddler around provides a million precious moments (and “pull my hair out” moments too) and I want to cherish them all. As I’m constantly reminded, this time won’t last forever. Writing things down and taking pictures are what I try to do as much as I can.

One thing my husband and I started doing on January 1st this year was to write down one favorite memory from our day. Every night before bed we write down our memory on a sticky note, fold it up and put it in a jar and on New Year’s 2018 we will read them. Saw it on Pinterest, of course. We both just thought it was a great way to remind ourselves that there’s good in every day. (Spoiler alert: Mine will be about 95% Clark moments)

I just think that everyone has a voice and we have access to so many different ways of using it. So, why not? Whether or not you think what you say matters, or if you just think sharing your feelings is silly. I believe everyone should express themselves. There are plenty of sites to start a free blog. Just go there and write what you feel! Write down the silly thing that your kids said that made you laugh. Write down how the lyrics of a song made you think about your childhood and you shed a tear or two. Just get it all out. Even if you keep it private or write it in a real physical journal, share! Someday someone will cherish those thoughts you had and they will feel like they knew you better. And that’s pretty special.


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