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Things I Love: Pinterest

I love many things. So many things, in fact, that I have a whole page dedicated to the things. I’m going to dedicate the first instalment to my favorite time killer, Pinterest.

I mean, isn’t it amazing? I know I’m only wasting time, just sitting there pinning all the pretty things, but I also feel oddly empowered! For a few fleeting moments, I feel ultra-organized and convince myself I’ve got it together. “Oh, look at this article about de-cluttering I just pinned. Won’t I be something when I put this knowledge to action!”

But it’s lies! All dirty lies! The truth is that I probably will never open that link and that it’s just going to sit there on my board and make everyone think that I’ve read this and followed its instructions. It’s a nice thought though, right?

And then there’s all the recipes that I’ll never make and the clothes I’ll never get to wear. It’s so fun to pin them though. And to be fair, there are quite a few recipes on my boards that I actually have made! I even, during my cooking class in Culinary school, found my final project meal on Pinterest. And my teacher was super impressed.

Pinterest is also a collection of myself. I spent a lot of time pinning things that I thought were funny, places I loves, music I love, thoughts and quotes that expressed how I feel. It’s my personality all neatly organized and displayed through lovely photos. I was reading advice about starting a lifestyle website, and one piece of advice was to create a new Pinterest account instead of converting your personal account into a business profile. But I decided not to do that. There’s too much of me in there. I organized and cleaned it up a bit, but it’s still shows a lot of work I did. If it didn’t sound so cheesy, I’d tell people that if you want to know me, my Pinterest is a pretty good place to start.

All in all, Pinterest is a more visual Google. I usually start my searches there instead of Google. If you haven’t tried Pinterest yet, oh please do! Go now! Experience it’s wonders! Get ideas and use about 20% of them! Pin funny things so you can go back every once in a while and laugh! Pin recipes to plan your next fancy meal and feel like a chef! You’ll love it too!

BTW, in case you missed the link at the top of my site, here is the link to MY Pinterest, Clark & Ollie. I’d love for you to check it out, there’s some good stuff there.

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