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Ways to keep track of your memories

There seems to be a million little moments a day that I don’t want to forget, especially right now with Clark and Ollie being so young. But with so much going on it’s hard to set aside a moment to write anything down! With the help of my cell phone, I feel like I do an alright job of capturing pictures at least. I want more words though! Little stories, thoughts and feelings, silly things that Clark will say. Here are some things to help you use words to keep the memories.

A baby book

There’s nothing wrong with actually writing things down! Although, I am admittedly bad at keeping Clark’s baby book filled out and Oliver is almost 6 months old and we haven’t even bought his yet! Sheesh! But I so highly recommend having one. Even though it is sparingly filled out (just like mine for Clark) I cherish my own baby book. My mother’s handwriting isn’t preserved on much else than what’s on those pages. That alone makes it pretty special! So it will be something that not only for your benefit but your children will (hopefully) keep forever. 

This is the book we bought for Clark, it covers birth – 3 years. Nice spiral binding, cute designs, good writing prompts. There is a pocket inside with frames you can use to decorate the photos you paste in, then use it for other various keepsakes. It’s still available in new and like-new condition through

I’m considering one of these for Oliver, changing it up a little. I really like that they go up to 5 years, kinda bummed Clark’s does not!


I also just discovered Promptly Journals. These are gorgeous and totally hip baby books. They are filled with heartfelt writing prompts and will look uber nice on the bookshelf too!

A Blank Journal

There are plethora of blank journals/notepads out there. Even if you just write in it once in a while, they are nice to have. I don’t get to often, but sitting down and writing out my feelings is very therapeutic. Sometimes it just helps to get it out. Oh, not to mention there’s so many adorable journals to choose from!



One day recently when I was bored, I started perusing the Play Store on my phone and happened upon a bunch of diary/journal apps. I may just be behind the times, but I did not know these existed!  My phone is practically  attached to my hip anyways, why not use it to log the events of my day as well!

The app I tried first and actually ended up preferring is called Daylio. I like how easy it is to quickly record my day. First, It gives you the option to rate your day using happy and sad icons.  Then you can choose from a list of activities that showcase what you did that day. There is an option to create your own activities as well. I created a “mom life” icon and I select it every day, of course! Lastly, you have the option to add a quick note. I mostly use this space to document something cute Clark might have said or a special first for Oliver.

The other apps I downloaded were nice, but a bit daunting. As good intentions as I have, I really don’t think I would have taken the time to post something on them each day. Daylio is very visual and I respond well to that. The reminder it sends me in the evening really helps too! 



If  you’re looking for something more baby specific, try Tiny Beans! I just signed up and it seems to be a great online version of a baby book. Upload photos and videos and write about them. Moments stay private or you can choose who to share them with.


Even though it’s not for writing, an app that I’m really excited about and just have to mention is 1 Second Everyday. This app stitches a one second video or photo for every day and compiles them into one. You can choose or there is also an autofill option. I’ve been using it since March 1st and want to chronicle a whole year. I think it will be pretty amazing!


Create an e-mail account for your children, send them little emails with tidbits, funny stories, pictures, etc. Show it to them when they’re teenagers or grown. I know this is an old idea that circulated heavily around the web for awhile, but I’m listing it here anyway. It’s so easy to do and so personal. Imagine what a treat it would be to go back and read through! Years worth of memories documented in quick emails. It’s so sweet.



No matter how you decide to document your life, just find a way to stay motivated to keep it up! You will thank yourself later! What things to do you do to keep the memories?


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