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Christmas at Bass Pro Shops

Christmas is starting now!

I am one of those people that is ready for Christmas the morning of November 1st! We ended up not getting to decorate until after Thanksgiving but we at least got our visit to see Santa over with way before the rush! Thanks to Bass Pro!

Now, Bass Pro isn’t a store where I or my husband spend a lot of money, we aren’t much into sports or hunting. But we like to visit the location inside the Opry Mills Mall in Nashville, Tn. It’s a fun place to pop in to see their large freshwater fish tank and get a Moon Pie before continuing walking through the mall.

But at Christmas, Bass Pro transforms into a Winter Wonderland where Santa awaits!

We went early November on a weeknight, so it was not packed at all. We only had to wait about 5 minutes to see Santa. This is not typical though, it will get much busier as the season goes on! Last year we came in November but on a weekend and our wait time was at least an hour. But it was really not bad because they’ve set up a nice system. When you arrive, look for the kiosks to sign it. Just enter your name and phone number, it will tell your wait time and give you a place in line. Then you will receive a text when it is time for you to come back and get in line. This allows you to walk throughout the store or mall. This is amazing because, obviously, kids do not do well in lines!

Once you receive the text, there will still be a line but the wait will only be 15-20 minutes (depending on how quickly each family moves). Then you get your photo with Santa! The theming is very professional, Santa’s reindeer and barn serve as the backdrop.

Your photo is free, but of course, there are options to order more! But there is no pressure from any of Santa’s helpers to buy anything.

But if you don’t feel like shopping around, Bass Pro also has a whole evenings worth of games and toys set up around the area for the kids to enjoy! Including a couple of carnival-like target games, monster trucks, and a huge table of Lincoln Logs!

Clark’s favorite though is the table of Play Dirt! He would sit there and play with this for hours if we’d let him! I must admit that it’s really cool. It looks and feels like real dirt but it doesn’t make a huge mess!


There are also a couple of tables set up where you can sit and color some Christmas scenes or write a letter to Santa! Here we see Thomas sitting down to write the boys letters to Santa for them since they’re still a bit small too write their own, ha!

Since we were there on a weekday and were in the first 100 guests to see Santa that night, both Clark and Ollie got a bear! Going on now until December 24th, Monday – Thursday 5-7pm, the first 100 kids to see Santa will get a free plush! It will change each week, as I write this, the free plush is a cute little penguin!

And there’s more! Every day there are free crafts to take home! These will also change each week. We got to take home drawstring bags to color, this week the free craft is a Christmas wooden puzzle. Really fun Christmas activities!

All in all, Santa’s Wonderland at Bass Pro Shops is a must do! I think it’s just an awesome service that they provide and I think every kid will love it!

Click here to visit the Bass Pro website for more details and see what all they have to offer!

Merry Christmas, everyone!



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