About Me

Welcome to ClarkandOllie.com!

I’m Christy Lane and I’m glad you’re here! I hope you will find yourself a frequent visitor. I am a person with many interests and I think you will find that I am, out of all things, extremely relatable. I’m a mother to my beautiful boys and the stars of the show, Clark and Ollie and wife to my best friend Thomas.

My loves include music, movies, traveling and photography. (Side note: I even went to school for photography but do little to nothing with that knowledge now.. but that’s another story.) I’m a major procrastinator and I’m so completely unorganized that I don’t know how I manage to get anything done. (But I do…. sometimes.)

My hopes are that you will find Clark & Ollie a different sort of lifestyle blog. I am not a super DIY mom, a fashion guru, or will my home ever be featured in Better Homes & Garden… But, I am a great mom and (hopefully) great wife and kind person. I can be creative, thoughtful and I do have stories, likes, interests and ideas worth sharing. Everyone does! Which is part of why I love perusing other’s blogs and why I wanted to start my own. So, check back often and connect with me on social media, you won’t be sorry!