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Top 5 Holiday Beauty Gift Sets at Walgreens!

My Top 5 Holiday Beauty Gift Sets at Walgreens

Walgreens is an amazing place to go Christmas shopping! In case you didn’t know, I am a beauty consultant there and I really love it! Every year they have such a great selection of holiday gift sets so I thought I’d make a quick post about my favorites!

  1. Soap & Glory Pamperama Pink Big Set  Soap & Glory is just a fun and amazing brand. I love that their product names are puns and their packaging has a retro theme. Oh, and the products themselves are just as impressive. This set is such a great value and has some of their most popular items, including the Righteous Butter and Clean On Me body wash. AND this week (12/9-12/15) it is half off! $55 worth of product for $20!
  2. No7 Collection Gift ($132 value) No7 is my favorite, I am such a believer in this brand. Every Christmas since they have been available at Walgreens they have released a gift set similar to this and it’s such a wonderful value, you get so much stuff and it’s basically all you need. I always buy it and it lasts me just about all year. And, fun fact, next week (12/16-12/22) it will be half off of its original price of $60! (That’s always when I buy mine, wink wink!)
  3. Extracts Bath Glitter Fizzer Set Bath bombs are the it thing right now. Everybody wants them! This brand is new to us this year but it is also from the UK (another reason to love it) and it smells divine. If you see this at a Walgreens, pick it up and give it a sniff. It smells like a hug. Yes, it smells like a how a nice comforting hug feels. I have not picked this one up yet, but I must and I will.
  4. Sleek MakeUP Totally Lit Gift Sleek is a brand I really want to know better. I am obsessed with this highlighting palette! Though the shades aren’t great on my skin as highlighters, they are amazing as an eyeshadow! Super pigmented and blendable, they just look gorgeous! I have briefly got to sample their lip products and was also impressed. So for $15, I think this is a lovely little gift for anyone wanting to try something new!
  5. No7 12 Days of Beauty Calendar I am a sucker for an advent calendar, who doesn’t like a fun treat every day while you’re counting down the days until Christmas? Combine that tradition with my love for No7? Perfection! The samples inside are considered “deluxe” and are perfect for someone who hasn’t tried No7 or anyone!

I highly suggest you head over to your local Walgreens to check out what all they have to offer! If your store has a Beauty Consultant, consider asking for their advice! They can be super helpful in finding the perfect gift!

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Product Spotlight: Society6 & ViaVia

What I’m Obsessed with this Week

A couple of weeks ago I went back to work full time. I had been a stay at home mom for almost 2 years, but financially we just couldn’t do that anymore. Thomas and I have figured our schedules out to where we only need childcare once a week for a couple of hours, and that makes me feel much more positive about working again. It’s still a lot of adjustment, a lot of mom guilt and worries. But, all in all, it is what is best for our family at this time. We’re working towards our goals! I’m focusing on the positive.

So with that, I’ve been looking for pretty things that will be useful for work.

Metal Travel Mug from

Recently my husband discovered It’s this amazing website that sells high-quality products with designs and artwork from an artist. Anyone can join and sell their art to be put on such items as blankets, coffee mugs, tapestries, and pillows. He ordered a throw blanket and it is legit the softest blanket I’ve ever felt. Granted it cost more than I would prefer to spend on a blanket, but the quality is top notch.

So since I need a new water bottle for work, I decided to look there first. I’m wasting so much money buying bottled water every day. I do already have a Bubba Tumbler that Thomas got me for Christmas that I love! I use it at home constantly and it really does motivate me to drink more water. But I sort of just want to keep it my “home” cup. Maybe because I want it to stay at home, maybe because I just want a fancy new travel mug. Probably a little of both!

Society6 has an insane amount of designs to choose from, and they are amazing! They have beautiful designs of just about anything you can think of. And something for just about any geeky fandom you might be apart of.

Like these from the Office –

“I Am Beyonce Always” floral quote

“I Feel Good in this Chili’s Tonight” quote (my favorite quote from the Office, maybe my favorite quote from ANYthing.)

or this Dunder Mifflin logo mug.

There’s plenty of Star Wars too. This floral artwork is a dream for my nerdy yet also girly-girl needs.

After a much tedious debate, I finally went with this floral Harry Potter deathly hallows print.  Flowers, owls, reference to a nerdy obsession, check! I’ve now been using it a couple of days and I really like it! It’s perfectly lovely and satisfyingly spill-proof. The only negative is that it doesn’t quite keep my water as cold as my Bubba. But, I’m still in love!

Here’s a photo! It’s so friggin pretty!  

Transit Pouch from ViaVia

I’ve been spending a lot more time on Instagram lately. While hopping from one feed to the next, I happened upon these two images:

Photos by ViaVia

And I was instantly obsessed. They are travel pouches from a brand new company called ViaVia

I don’t usually do this! I don’t buy things online on a whim! And I didn’t buy this at first either. Sometimes it’s best to just walk away and forget… But I couldn’t forget it! I kept on thinking about it until I went to bed that night and fell asleep.. then woke up and ordered one the next morning. I tell you, take notice of their advertising because it’s effective.

What got me was the simplistic design and functionality. At work, I can’t keep my purse with me and I’m always worried about my phone, money or lipstick falling out of my pockets, (that’s if I even have pockets. Why can’t all women’s pants have pockets??) and this seems like a great solution to have my essential items safely with me at all times. And the silicone case is dishwasher safe!! I love it!

They are nearing the end of a very successful Kickstarter campaign. They are offering “early bird” specials if you order yours now!  Follow this link to their Kickstarter site!


Coming soon: A post all about Clark’s 3rd Birthday! His dinosaur party turned out to be a “roaring” good time!


Fun party favors and supplies @

Things I Love

Things I Love: The Beatles

*This post contains affiliate links. This means I may earn a commission from purchases you make through my links, at no extra cost to you! I will only ever provide links to products I believe in and love. 


Anyone who knows me well or even just a little, knows that I love the Beatles. I have been an obsessed fan ever since my senior year of high school back in 2000. High school was in no way the highlight of my life, music is a big part of what got me through. Before the Beatles came along, I was into country music. Only. In fact, I had somehow gotten it into my head that it was wrong to listen to anything else. What the heck, younger me!?

Then one day my mother literally turned to me and said please, please change the radio station! Even she was tired of the same music over and over. So, I begrudgingly turned it to the oldies. I guess you could say the rest is history!

Not long after that I decided to peruse my parents old records. They didn’t have the Beatles but they did have The Animals. Listening to The House of the Rising Sun blew my mind. I was discovering a whole new world of sounds, there really was more than just country! And it was so NOT wrong to listen to it!

This eventually lead me to other bands from the 1960’s, The Doors, Jefferson Airplane, Herman’s Hermits, The Kinks, The Monkees (another of my absolute favorites that deserve their own post) and so on. I wanted to hear it all. At first, for whatever reason I didn’t gravitate towards the Beatles. I’d heard some of their songs and liked them but, I don’t know, maybe I thought they were too popular so I shouldn’t like them? Teens do silly stuff like that you know, dislike stuff because it’s TOO popular. Weird.

I don’t even remember at what point I fell for the Beatles. But I know when I did fall, I fell hard! I loved everything about them, their music, their personas, the way they made me feel. They just plain and simple made me happy. Ringo and his dorky ways, George quiet kindness, Paul’s positive attitude and John with his wit and wisdom. He is my favorite. His lyrics, with the Beatles and solo, speaks to me. He wrote such personal feelings that it’s hard not to identify with.

Since becoming a fan, I’ve spent several thousand dollars on The Beatles. Between the CDs, DVDs, vinyl, concert tickets, Beatles festivals, books, clothing, memorabilia.. It’s insane! Most of that was spent in my early days of fandom though. I had just gotten my first job, lived with my parents and could still buy fun things. Good times, good times.

Since becoming a mother, I don’t listen to music as often as I used to and certainly don’t have the budget to buy everything Beatle related. I still have most of my memorabilia though, and probably always will have some of it. Here are a few of the quintessential items that have remained my favorite and most needed Beatles stuff.


The Beatles Anthology DVD Box Set – I can’t tell you how many times I watched this over and over. The Beatles themselves were actually involved in and did interviews for it. Their whole history is layed out in an entertaining and enduring way. It’s just so well done. By far, the ultimate Beatles documentary.

The Beatles Anthology book – If you only ever buy one Beatles book, it should be this one. The accompiant to the DVD series, it is full of stories told by the people actually involved. There are also lovely photos throughout, of course!

A Hard Day’s Night Miramax Collector’s Series DVD – You must see the Beatles’ first film. And this release of it is particularly nice. Beautiful packaging restored picture and sound.

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Deluxe Edition) Vinyl or CD – I gotta be honest, I don’t own this yet, but I want it.. like a lot. Released last year to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the album’s release, this set is truly gorgeous. A rightfully epic release of maybe their most iconic album.


The Beatles, Love – This is a collection of the Beatles original music reworked for the Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas. I’ve listened to this so much that my cd is wearing out. I’ve included it here because I think Sir George Martin, the Beatles original producer, did such an incredible job of piecing so many songs together and making them beautifully weave in and out of each other.

Honorable mention – John Lennon Anthology

I know it’s not Beatles but since John is my favorite, I had to add my most beloved release of his music. Yoko Ono compiled this 4-disc set of unreleased songs and alternate versions. You hear John’s most raw emotions, it is truely his “musical diary”.

That’s all for now. I could go on and on and on about the Beatles but nobody wants that. I’ll leave you with links to all their albums. Abbey Road is my favorite. Rubber Soul and Revolver are what I’d recommend to a new fan. But it’s all great and wonderful and everything good.



Things I Love

Things I Love: Pinterest

I love many things. So many things, in fact, that I have a whole page dedicated to the things. I’m going to dedicate the first instalment to my favorite time killer, Pinterest.

I mean, isn’t it amazing? I know I’m only wasting time, just sitting there pinning all the pretty things, but I also feel oddly empowered! For a few fleeting moments, I feel ultra-organized and convince myself I’ve got it together. “Oh, look at this article about de-cluttering I just pinned. Won’t I be something when I put this knowledge to action!”

But it’s lies! All dirty lies! The truth is that I probably will never open that link and that it’s just going to sit there on my board and make everyone think that I’ve read this and followed its instructions. It’s a nice thought though, right?

And then there’s all the recipes that I’ll never make and the clothes I’ll never get to wear. It’s so fun to pin them though. And to be fair, there are quite a few recipes on my boards that I actually have made! I even, during my cooking class in Culinary school, found my final project meal on Pinterest. And my teacher was super impressed.

Pinterest is also a collection of myself. I spent a lot of time pinning things that I thought were funny, places I loves, music I love, thoughts and quotes that expressed how I feel. It’s my personality all neatly organized and displayed through lovely photos. I was reading advice about starting a lifestyle website, and one piece of advice was to create a new Pinterest account instead of converting your personal account into a business profile. But I decided not to do that. There’s too much of me in there. I organized and cleaned it up a bit, but it’s still shows a lot of work I did. If it didn’t sound so cheesy, I’d tell people that if you want to know me, my Pinterest is a pretty good place to start.

All in all, Pinterest is a more visual Google. I usually start my searches there instead of Google. If you haven’t tried Pinterest yet, oh please do! Go now! Experience it’s wonders! Get ideas and use about 20% of them! Pin funny things so you can go back every once in a while and laugh! Pin recipes to plan your next fancy meal and feel like a chef! You’ll love it too!

BTW, in case you missed the link at the top of my site, here is the link to MY Pinterest, Clark & Ollie. I’d love for you to check it out, there’s some good stuff there.