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How to throw an easy Dinosaur Party!

How to throw an easy Dinosaur party!

Want to throw an easy Dinosaur party? With mine and my husband’s work schedule (we work opposite shifts and have zero days off together), we wanted to throw Clark a nice party but it needed to be simple. Here are some links and ideas that I used that can hopefully help you throw an easy party too!

Clark’s Dinosaur Party!

Thomas and I decided a long while ago that we wanted to throw Clark a dinosaur party for his third birthday. As you may know from a previous post of mine (Things I Love: Pinterest) I use Pinterest for everything, so I knew I needed to do some research there. It did not let me down when I searched for party ideas! (Pinterest NEVER lets me down.) In this post, I will try to somehow coherently share what I did and where you can find some great dinosaur stuff!


First of all, I knew I wanted lots of dinosaurs. Thomas bought two of these 12 packs of dinosaurs  ages ago, and they’re actually really nice and well made enough to endure lots of play. We also ordered this 72 piece mini dinosaur set. I figured they would be great to decorate cupcakes and also be perfect to put in the goody bags. 

My favorite idea I found on Pinterest was to make little party hats for the dinosaurs to wear. It’s brilliant and I’m mad I didn’t think of it. I mean, how cute is this T-Rex? I just used cardstock and pompoms for the hats and tape and dental floss to tie them on the dinosaurs heads.

throw an easy dinosaur birthday party

And he’s holding a balloon? Adorable!

After we had already got some standard dinosaur designed tablecloth, plates, and napkins at Walmart we happened upon these glorious decorations at Target. It was one of those perfect “Aww yeah!” shopping moments and threw them in the cart immediately. These were absolutely perfect to match all the festive dinos with their party hats! Target is, as always, on point. #Blessthem

Here are the links if you want to get ahold of these beauties:

tablecloth | “Rawr” banner | 10ct plates | 20ct napkins | 6ct gift bags

To make the table backsplash I had gone searching for a hula skirt like I saw suggested in another blogger’s video but had no luck whatsoever. So I took a breath and just made a roll of streamer work. FYI: rolling some streamer makes not only a nice dinosaur/ jungle scene but it also served me well as seaweed for our Spongebob themed party.

And my “Rawr” banner looks great alongside the 99 cents “3” balloon I picked up at Walmart. Was pretty pleased with how it turned out!




throw an easy dinosaur birthday party

I had 8 dinos with hats. I put 4 of them outside and 4 inside on the food and cake table. Here’s one leading a dinosaur parade around the deck railing. I had so many extras, just lining them up seemed like the thing to do. In the words of one of my guests, “Well, I can definitely tell what the party’s theme is.”





throw an easy dinosaur birthday party Dinosaurs everywhere!! I actually had more but Thomas told to just stop. Stop the madness!






throw an easy dinosaur birthday party I also found these adorable printables via Pinterest. Just follow the link below! Everyone thought these were pretty neat, even though I did NOT do a great job putting them together. Yikes.

Dinosaur balloon printables from Flickerandflock


throw an easy dinosaur birthday party  throw an easy dinosaur birthday party

Here you can see more clearly how haphazardly taped these dino balloons together. But I liked the look of my letter board greeting everyone arriving at the party.






throw an easy dinosaur birthday party We rented a bouncy house for the day and I’m so glad we did, it was a huge hit. It kept the kids happy and occupied pretty much for the whole party. The jungle theme fit right in with the dinosaurs. Win-win!





throw an easy dinosaur birthday party

Another Pinterest find, Feed the Dinosaur! game. I got the large piece of cardboard from work, eyeballed the drawing and used a bowl to trace the circle for the hole and boxcutter to cut it out. And used duct tape and two yardsticks to put it in the yard. Pro-tip: It was also a fun photo op for the kids to pose with.







throw an easy dinosaur birthday party

For the sake of my own sanity, we decided to keep the food simple. Veggie tray, chips, a couple of Little Ceaser pizzas for the kids and catered pulled pork for the adults. (Another pro-tip: I found a locally owned BBQ place whose prices were much more reasonable than all the chains and tastier too!)

(Not pictured) I also grabbed a bag of dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets and it very much pleased a couple of the picky eaters. Highly recommend!


The green beverage you see in the background is Raptor Punch from Simplisticallyliving and it was delicious!

*Note the two dinosaurs placed on the counter to watch guest as they select their food!

throw an easy dinosaur birthday party I bought this dinosaur cookie cutter set from Amazon. They’re super high quality and I would suggest them, but they were a tad large for the fruit I bought. So my fruit ended up being more dinosaur pieces than full dinos, but no one seemed to notice and they still looked nice!




throw an easy dinosaur birthday party

The cake! Inspired by some awesome cakes, I managed to throw this okay cake together. throw an easy dinosaur birthday party It’s layered with orange and devil’s food with vanilla frosting. I used fondant, food coloring, and my cookie cutters to make the dino outlines.







throw an easy dinosaur birthday party


Party Favors


throw an easy dinosaur birthday party

I threw some extra dinos in a bucket and let each child dig through it to “adopt a dino”, all the kids enjoyed picking out their own treat.


Target’s dollar spot was a big help for getting the goody bags together.

throw an easy dinosaur birthday partyWe found dinosaur pencils, stickers and

squeeze toys there.

Since Clark’s birthday is just a couple weeks or so after Easter, we shopped after sales at Walgreens for candy and toys to use. They always have things that don’t have any Easter labeling. This enabled us to cram each bag full of treats without breaking the bank.

Shop for unique birthday party favors



All in all, I believe the party was a success! Clark had so much fun he was just beside himself. Showing him the pictures now he still gets all excited and yells, “Dinosaurs!”.


For more ideas please click here to see my Children’s Party Planning board on Pinterest! And follow me, of course!


If you have any questions or comments please contact me! I’d love to help you with your parties!


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