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The Best Dinosaur Print Clothing for your Dino Parties!

Clark will be turning 3 in April, so I’ve begun to prepare for his party! We’re not planning a super huge party, but we do want to have some fun. We didn’t get to throw him a second birthday party… not that he noticed but it was still a bummer. I had been planning on a dinosaur theme then, so technically I’ve had a year to plan. Oops, I’m still not super ready. But we have purchased a lot of dinosaurs of all sizes throughout the year that will do nicely as decorations and party favors. So, there’s that at least!

One other element I want to have a little fun with is our party attire! We all have to wear something with a dino, right? We had a Spongebob Squarepants theme for Clark’s first party and were all wearing Spongebob proudly.

I immediately checked out H&M’s website. This is my favorite clothing store because of their styles and affordable pricing. It doesn’t seem to be advertised much but they also recycle old clothing and material. Just bring a bag of clothes into any location and they will give you a coupon for 15% off your next purchase! We usually just fill a shopping bag to take, it’s surprisingly easy to find enough unwanted clothes to fill a bag. So worth it and it goes to a good cause!

Here are some of favorite things I found for Clark.

I didn’t find anything for Ollie at H&M but did find a couple of things made by Carter’s. These were my favorites!


I found some super cute things for myself, not sure if I’ll be able to get any of them (the boy’s come first) but it’s good to know they’re such neat dinosaur clothes (and jewelry!). Got to love the “Mama-Saurus” shirt from Etsy!

And for Thomas I found just a few things on Etsy that I think he would like.

Fun party favors and supplies @