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Free Grocery List Printable

Grocery shopping is stressful, y’all. I thought it was because of an impatient toddler and an infant who just wants to be held. Though my beloved Infantino Flip Carrier helps me out with that, it’s still tough to wear the baby, push around a toddler and focus on what we need to buy. Even with the husband’s help, it’s still a mess!

But the other day, I got to go grocery shopping alone. I was pretty excited actually. I assumed it would be glorious and I would frolic down the aisles in a fit of blissful glee!


Because, guess what? Grocery shopping is still stressful even without kids! I guess I had just forgot. Especially on the weekends when, I assume, the whole world also shops. I still forgot about 400 things that trip and just couldn’t find the strength within my soul to go back for anything.

One thing that might have helped, more than my random scribbles, would have been a nice organized grocery list. Something that would put all like items into a column so that I wouldn’t have to skim my whole paper searching for products that would be the department I’m in.

So I sat down, opened up my photoshop and made this and thought I’d share. I even added a little encouragement at the top, “You can do this!”. Because you can do this! And don’t forget the cookies and wine.


Download your free printable here!



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