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A year later…

I have really gotten off track with this blog. I began almost a year ago and it just did not take off. A lot has happened in that year though. I intended to write about life with my husband Thomas raising our son Clark and leaving my job to become a full time caregiver to my father with lewy body dementia. Unfortunately, just six months after leaving my job and one month after starting this blog, my father passed away.  But let me rewind a little and tell you a bit of the story I had originally intended on sharing.

My mother passed away in 2004 of cancer, she was my best friend. I was only 21 when she passed, this left just me and Dad. We had never really been close and there was always a lot of awkwardness. I regret that we never took any steps to become closer. I suppose it was just easier not to. So, it was a complete shock in 2015 to receive a call from Dad begging me to move in with him. I guess I should have known this time would come, he was 81 after all, and his health had just taken a turn. I was nearly 9 months pregnant with Clark. We had to make some frantic decisions and the best and really only option that I could live with was to move back to my childhood home. Never thought that would happen!

We stayed in Nashville long enough for Clark to be born as planned with my OB, while an amazing cousin of mine watched after Dad until we could get our jobs transferred and everything packed. And that was that. Life changed not only from having our first baby, new jobs and taking care of Dad in his space that we now had to share. (THAT was a struggle, especially at first.)

It was crazy and emotional and it was possibly the hardest 2 years of my life. I will probably write other posts about events that happened. I’ve been agonizing over this post because there’s so much and it’s still hard to process it all.

My life is a bit quieter now. We’re back in Nashville, in a home we love. There’s a new edition to the family, Oliver, whom we love and feel so blessed to have. I’ve continued to be SAHM because it makes the most sense for many reasons.

I’m ready to start my blog again. I enjoy documenting my life, I love connecting with other moms, I love the internet and all the cool things I can write about and share with you!

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading and please continue to check back for more!